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Writing for MBUNDU

Love MBUNDU? Love to write? Then you’ll love writing for MBUNDU.COM.

The MBUNDU team is always on the hunt for fresh new products for our online marketplace filled with unique and unusual personal and corporate gift ideas. And we’re on the hunt for fresh writers who are passionate about our products.

Our digital marketing strategy incorporates independent submission of high-quality content that conveys our brand vision and uniqueness of each and every item we sell.

What Can You Write for Us?
● Unique unusual gifts
● Luxury gift ideas
● Gifts for all price points
● Gifts for the person that has everything

Our products fit into one (or more) of the following categories:
● Gifts for Men
● Gifts for Women
● Gifts for Kids
● Gifts for Wedding
● Gifts for Special Occasions
● Gifts for Anniversary
● Gifts for Baby Showers
● Gifts for Housewarming
● Gifts for Unique Hobbies
● Health & Beauty Gifts
● Travel & Tech Gifts
● Pet Toys & Pet Care Gifts
● Kitchen & Entertaining Gifts
● Home Décor Gifts
● Beauty & Fashion Accessory Gifts
● Educational & Skills Development Gifts

Meeting customers’ demands is our top priority. We create an exceptional customer experience and our customers love us for it. That’s how we have earned tremendous respect and built the long-term relationships that define the MBUNDU brand. Our laser focus on the customer keeps us on point.

So, our audience expects our content to bring real value. Instead of creating titles that say “How to Give the Best Gift”, we write about “12 Wow Gift Ideas for Someone That Has Everything in 2020”.

The title “Great Gift Ideas” may be great, but what’s really stunning is something along the lines of “Stunning Gift Ideas for 2020 That They’ll Remember Forever”.

You propose a title and reach out to and we can brainstorm to develop the best content for our products.

Guidelines for Guest Posts
● All content must be original and written in fluent English.

● We like long-form content with a word count between 1,500-2,500 words.

● Avoid “Gift” topics as the field is saturated. However, we value unique takes on main keyword themes.

● Include a minimum of three free or royalty-free images in every post. Images must include a source link under them. No image should exceed 800 pixels.

● Don’t worry about the featured image, we will take care of it.

What can you expect from MBUNDU

● Your post will be published under your byline and treated as any other post we produce. We’ll use our digital platform and distribution channel to promote the post, for greater outreach and exposure. Your content is posted in digital marketing communities, growth hacking websites, and social media platforms.

● We will carry out on-page SEO optimization for better search engine ranking.

● Publication is subject to additional proofreading to omit unnecessary information, correct grammatical errors, and increase readability.

● Content is usually published within 60 days.

● We have a liberal approach towards the number of outbound (do-follow) links that you can add or catalogue in your content. We will add a link from our blog for internal linking purposes. Be sure to provide backlinks to other popular blog posts that are relevant to our brand. Do not use landing page links and homepages for this purpose.

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